Blu & Kelly Blog page


 Working on an EP of great old (and some new) Cowboy songs. I’ve had these songs for years and am really enjoying them again!

So excited! Our new cd “Home Fires” has arrived and we are updating websites and EPKs and booking shows. We did the cd pretty much “live off the floor” only adding tracks when we added other instruments as we couldn’t play more than one at a time. We did all of the playing, singing and recording ourselves, in our upgraded Silvercreek Studio. We feel it is a true representation of what we sound like. Our recording machine went up in smoke ten days into the project so we had to retool and start again. We took advantage of the down time to reconfigure the studio and make it more comfortable.  We’re looking forward to the fall & winter , lot’s of music coming up . We’re doing our annual show with Valdy & Gary Fjellgaard and always booking new shows.

Blu had the opportunity to play “Voyager” the historic Canada guitar at the Axis Mundi festival, what a thrill! Check it out at

Peace & Harmony,
Blu & Kelly


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