Silvercreek Studio and Acoustic Music Academy

Blu & Kelly Celista 2003


We are a small studio geared toward the acoustic performer. Our microphone selection and recording technology suits the acoustic performer and singer songwriter looking for an affordable alternative to a large studio. We have produced demos and full CD projects for numerous artists here as well as four of our own recordings. We will assist in production and can  provide additional instrumentation on your project if you desire as well as help guide you through the licensing and manufacturing process if needed..

Our equipment list includes:

Condenser Mics:

Audio Technica 4030

Audio Technica 4010

Audio Technica 3050

Bluebird Blue

AKG C4000B

2 x AKG C1000

Advanced Audio CM 54

Shure SM 86

Dynamic mics:

6 x Shure SM 58

6 x Shure SM 57

AKG D3700

Shure BG 1.1

Recorder :

Tascam DP24 digital 24 track 16 bit 44HZ / 24 bit 48HZ

Mackie 1202 VLZ Pro mic preamps

ART Tube mic preamp

Cubase mastering software.

 Some of our clients include:

Jim Karr, “The Lonesome River” 2006
Len Fardella , “Shulaps Serenade” 2006
Storyteller James Murray “A Fair Exchange of Gifts” release date 2008
Dale Crocker “Feels Like Magic” – 2010
Colin Butchart “Tradition Distilled” -2011
Tracy Jones and Danielle Prince “Gone”- 2011
Larry and Jane Stephenson “Pathways” – 2014

Jesse Mast “Demo” recording -2015

We provide one on one lessons for acoustic guitar , mandolin, clawhammer banjo, acoustic bass, and Appalachian dulcimer as well as songwriting.

Any inquiries just drop us a line and we will provide you with more info.


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