Blu & Kelly

Blu Hopkins at Roots and Blues Festival – Salmon Arm Observer

Blu Hopkins is a familiar favorite on the local folk scene and has been for years. Blu’s capacity for reviving classics from the books of greats like John Prine and Stan Rogers, compliment his well-received selection of originals. His storytelling style reflects his experience working and performing across Canada. This is a man who has lived the songs he sings, and his talents have been recognized with two BCIMA awards.

“Hopkins is a gifted songwriter and singer lending his voice to his own brand of folk music,……blends distinctively east coast flavored tunes with tales of Canadiana, awakening the wayfarer within us “

Silvercreek Artist Connects – Vernon Morning Star

Silvercreek Artist Blu Hopkins second CD, Canyon Wind, proclaims it’s presence like the return of an old friend. The warm friendliness of the music speaks honestly and without pretense.
Hopkins posesses a lived in baritone that sounds authentic and his delivery and storytelling songs are instantly and intuatively relatable. In short he connects easily and is the real deal ……………..the intimacy and purity of the music and the story/songs recall Gordon Lightfoot and Stan Rogers………………. his smokey voice and experience give his tales their own unique Canadian niche. He delivers a strong and lingering dose of Canadian folk, a particularly western vision


Kelly Joe Phelps and Blu Hopkins at Salmar Classic – Salmon Arm Folk Music Society

One of the area’s best known and respected songwriters….. Hopkins is a truly gifted songwriter combining distinctivly east coast sounds with true Canadiana.

“Homegrown” Review – Salmon Arm Observer

Blu & Kelly Hopkins new CD “Homegrown” is like a visit with old friends. Down home music.

True Blu – Salmon Arm Observer

Hopkins is a master of telling a story in song, his smokey voice rising above a lilting folk background to share life experiences in a humble heartfelt manner.

An evening with Bill Henderson , Roy Forbes and friends – Vernon Morning Star

………………Hopkins performance carried a great depth to it, his lyrics telling a story. His performance of “Canyon Wind” had Henderson patting him on the back with praises……….Hopkins deep voice was mesmerising in an almost hypnotic sense as he sang, his lyrics undeniably Canadian.

Fortitude & Folding Chairs (The Pemberton Folk Festival) – The Whistler Question

Blu Hopkins’ brand of narrative folk provides a perfect backdrop for deep relaxation. Accompanied by his wife Kelly on mandolin and standing bass, his guitar style crosses roots with blues and is exactly what comes to mind when I think of folk. He is a man who knows his music. Before launching into a love song he jokingly offers to take a break from all the whining and complaining that goes with songs of “political import”.
In a market where the local radio play list leans heavily toward angst ridden pimple rock and slutty ex-Mouseketeers disco dalliances, his songs, far from whining and complaining, are truly refreshing.

Songwriter finds true home – Kamloops Daily News

” Never Say Never” Kamloops Daily News
Watching Blu Hopkins recent performance, it appears he has rediscovered his brand of acoustic music, Folk / Bluegrass delivered in a deep husky voice that falls roughly between Garnet Rogers and his older brother, the late great Stan Rogers.
Hopkins’ smokey voice works with traditional instrumentation to instill a sense of place and purpose in the country.
He also has a delicate way with a love song, and speaks to common frustrations of the working world. Yet even on the melancholy, reflective songs there’s a sense of peace and contentment.
Highly recommended!



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